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Ibiyaya FS2180-YG Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller-Bike Trailer with 3-Wheel Foldable Jogging, Hiking, All-Terrain Dog Stroller - Extra Large

MSRP: $638.11
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Ibiyaya

With the Ibiyaya Hercules Heavy Duty Pro Pet Stroller 2.0, you'll never have to leave your dogs alone at home again, even for a bike trip! Thanks to the puncture-free EVA and pneumatic tires, you can ride on any terrain and enjoy a smooth, bump-free ride. The Hercules stroller is the answer if you're worried about your pets being too old, tired, or little for long walks, or simply want to spare their paws from blistering on the hot sidewalk. With a 360° spinning front wheel, safety auto-lock sliders, full ventilation, and a water-resistant construction, the Hercules 2.0 is the ideal mode of transportation for your large dogs or pet family. Not to mention the size of the room!

  • The Hercules Heavy Duty Pro Pet Stroller 2.0
  • The Hercules 2.0 is made of durable materials that can carry a large dog or a group of tiny to medium-sized dogs
  • The Hercules 2.0 is built to last and may be used on a daily basis in a variety of settings
  • The frame of the stroller is made of heavy-duty metal to endure wear and tear
  • The fabric is also water-resistant, so whether you go for a stroll in the rain or a jog on the beach, your pet will be comfortable and protected
  • There's also no need to worry about punctures because the wheels are made of puncture resistant, pet-friendly EVA
  • The front wheel of the Hercules 2.0 can swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and steep turns
  • The wheels are also made of puncture-resistant EVA material, which makes them durable and safe for your pets to use on any terrain
  • This heavy-duty large pet stroller is ergonomically designed for both you andyour pet's comfort
  • A storage pocket on the back of the stroller is great for holding supplies, leashes, or food and water dishes
  • This compartment can also be utilized to store the provided rain cover when not in use
  • The extra big multiple pet stroller comes with two safety tethers to keep your pet safe while in the stroller
  • Not only is the extra big dog stroller roomy and robust, but it's also designed with your pet's comfort in mind
  • The extra large multiple pet stroller is well ventilated to keep your pet cool inside
  • The stroller is also water-resistant, making it suitable for usage in all weather
  • The stroller is very simple to fold and store
  • Its design allows it to be conveniently stowed in a closet or garage when not in use, and the included carrying strap makes it simple to transport
  • With the bike tow bar, you can take your pet for a nice bike trip through the park or countryside
  • Color: Yellow & Gray
  • Recommended Weight Limit: 110.0 lbs
  • Cabin Dimension: 33 L x 23.7 W x 24.4 H in.
  • Stroller Dimension: 39.4 L x 32.7 W x 41.3 H in.
  • Folded Dimension: 37.4 L x 27.7 W x 9.5 H in.
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