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212 Main D32-016V00CG PawHut Walk-in Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosure Large for Multiple Cats of Any Size, Gray

MSRP: $536.65
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: 212 MAIN

Give your kitties a place to roam around in the outdoors, merging multiple things they love, including heights, hiding places, and sunlight. This PawHut design allows cat parents to walk in and pet their babies, give them treats or toys, pick them up, and offer love and attention. Upgrade their outside space with seven ledges and a kitty den up high that provides a safe haven, where two cats can easily share the divided interior that has a cute hole for climbing from one side to the other.

Walk-in Design: This outdoor cat shelter has a human-sized door to let you walk in and interact with your kitties while they're enjoying the noises of nature. You can pet them as they perch up high, giving them an excellent experience. This also allows you to clean the cage, offer treats or toys, and pick the cat up if they won't come back inside when you need them to.

Multi-Layer Tower: Seven jumping platforms provide a climbable set-up to a personal cat den 4.2' off the ground, a great deal of distance for a kitty. Your fur baby can sit at the top of the world and get a bird's eye view in the roomy space. The den has a divider wall to let two cats share, and to create the feeling of a hiding spot where they can enjoy a safe haven. The wall has a hole for a door. A window with a sliding cover lets you look in and see if your feline friend is in there.

Suitable for Cats of All Sizes: Each cat can weigh up to 20 lbs., making our kitty playpen suitable for the largest of furry friends. Bigger kitties will love a place they can be kings and queens high up and engage in outdoor fun. There's space for two cats to have plenty of room to roam, or space for more than two cats to share.

  • 7 Jumping Platforms & Divided Den, Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof, Cat Shelter Kitty House Cat Cage, Cat Gift
  • Walk-in design for petting your baby, playing with them, giving them treats or toys, cleaning the cage
  • Seven perches and a kitty den up high, upgrading the outside with great heights and a climbable set-up
  • Suitable for small or large cats, allowing weights up to 20 lbs
  • Designed to merge three things cats love, including heights, hiding places, and sunlight
  • Easy for two cats to share the divided den, which has a hole in the wall to access one side or the other
  • Main House Dimension: 21.75" x 36.75" x 19.75" / 23.5"
  • Hole Dimension: 7"
  • Small Cat Door Dimension: 6.25" x 6.5"
  • Human-Sized Door Dimension: 21.25" x 64.75"
  • Run Cage Dimension: 43.25" x 36.75" x 67" / 70.75"
  • Color: Crystal White, Deep Gray
  • Materials: Fir Wood, Steel, PVC Board
  • Overall Dimension: 66.5" x 40.25" x 67.75" / 72"
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs
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MPN D32-016V00CG