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212 Main D10-073CW 55 in. PawHut Large Parrot Cage with Toy Hooks Above Top Bird Perch

MSRP: $212.10
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: 212 MAIN

PawHut's budgie cage is made specifically to provide a homey bird-friendly environment that feathered friends will feel comfortable in. Three perches, two inside, and four food and water bowls, split between the inner and outside spaces, give your feathered friend access to their needs anywhere. Two hooks above the outer perch allow several fun toys to hang. Shelf storage saves room elsewhere, and wheels ensure portability is possible.

Multiple Perches & Bowls-Give your feathered friend a fun environment with a perch outside the large bird cage for when you want to train them, as well as top hoops above the perch for hanging bird toys, a ladder, and two perches inside. Also included are two dishwasher-safe stainless-steel bowls outside the cage and two inside to provide everything they need no matter where they are.

Shelf Storage-A convenient shelf sits directly underneath our bird aviary to let you save cabinet, shelf, and closet space, keeping all your pet supplies right where you need to use them. The shelf and cockatiel cage are made from strong steel that can withstand everyday wear and tear with toughness, letting you give your bird a lasting home.

Rolling Design-This smooth, wheelable design lets you roll the parrot aviary easily from a spot to another, making it portable and allowing you to rearrange your living space.

  • PawHut Large Parrot Cage with Toy Hooks Above Top Bird Perch
  • Tray Food Cups, Rolling Stand, Bird Cage for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds
  • Outer perch and ladder for more fun, featuring two bowls to access needs and hooks for hanging toys
  • Two perches inside the cage, a large entrance door, two interior bowls and three feeding doors
  • Save space by keeping pet supplies directly underneath the cage
  • Wheels for easy movement anywhere
  • Strong steel wires built to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Removable bottom grate and slide-out tray for easy cleaning
  • High-security latches on every door
  • Suitable for cockatiels and similar size
  • Assembly required
  • Size: 55 in.
  • Product Size: Large
  • Overall without Top Hanging Frame Dimension: 24" L x 17" W x 64.25" H & 24" L x 17" W x 55" H
  • Rolling Stand Height: 24.5"
  • Off the Ground Storage Shelf Height: 6"
  • Weight Capacity: 22 lbs (shelf)
  • Material: Steel, Wood
  • Overall Dimension: 24" L x 17" W x 64.25" H
  • Without Top Hanging Frame Dimension: 24" L x 17" W x 55" H
  • Bird Cage Body Dimension: 24" L x 17" W x 30.25" H
  • Rectangular Section Dimension: 13" L x 17" W x 19.25" H
  • Front Door Size: 13.75" H x 10.25" W
  • Rear Door Size: 3.75" H x 6" W
  • Tray Dimension: 22.75" L x 16.25" W x 1.25" H
  • Bar Spacing: 0.5"
  • Inside Perches Size: 1" x 24.5"
  • Top Perches Size: 0.75" x 14.75"
  • Stainless Steel Bowl: 4" x 2.25"
  • Ladder Size: 3.25" W x 11" L
  • Hanging Frame Height: 9.75"
  • Storage Shelf Height: 6" (off the ground)
  • Weight: 0.02 lbs
Products specifications
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MPN D10-073CW