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212 Main D30-237V00GY 77 in. PawHut Outdoor Cat House

MSRP: $487.31
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: 212 MAIN

This extra large outdoor cat house lets kitties who like to climb reach a height that quadruples traditional cat house sizes, offering four stories. Two levels above the roomy floor space, the two most high-reaching platforms feature windows to see down below, providing ways to see out from the side. The ramp has foot ladder steps leading to the top, enabling the quick speeds a kitty wants. This PawHut cat enclosure protects your pets and offers them fun when they want to go outside.

Extra Large-Featuring a quadruple layered design, this feral cat house provides a huge amount of room to climb and play so cats can sit high off the ground, with multiple levels to choose from. When they go to find a favorite spot to nap, they'll love the upper floors.

Ramp Fun-The tall, high-reaching ramp on this cat outdoor enclosure features a step-ladder design with a three-Dimensional surface to help the cat walk up the path, quickening their speeds. The ladder extends several feet, taking them to the third story. They'll love jumping from it and running up and down it.

Sliding Window-On the wall of the third and fourth floors, this outside cat house for large cats, medium kitties, and small baby kittens lets your furry friends poke their heads out and see down below. With a love for being up high, they'll have extra fun with the windows. The third-floor window has a sliding door, and the large screen entrance provides a big, welcoming entryway.

  • PawHut Outdoor Cat House
  • Catio Wooden Feral Cat Shelter, Cat Cage with Platforms, Weather Protection Asphalt Roof, Ramps
  • Extra large with 4 stories, roomy floorspace
  • Ramp with step ladder grooves for a quick speed up the path
  • Two windows on 3rd and 4th floors to look out from above, with 3rd floor window offering slide-open door
  • Indoor or outdoor with waterproof paint and asphalt roof that protects against rainwater and weather patterns
  • Single or multiple cat friendly
  • Multiple doors are equipped for easy in or out and with latches to ensure safety
  • Size: 77 in.
  • Ramp Size: 47.25" L x 7.75" W
  • Big Interior Door: 14.75" x 30.25"
  • Small Interior Door: 6.25" W x 6.25" H
  • Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
  • Material: Fir Wood, Metal Wire
  • Overall Dimension: 76.75" L x 37.25" W x 68.75" H
  • Main House Dimension: 26.25" L x 35.5" W x 68.75" H
  • Run Dimension: 48.25" L x 35.5" W
  • Each Floor Height: 17.25", 16.25" & 15.75"- 16.5" (From Top to Bottom)
  • Window Size: 11.5" H x 8.75" W
  • Sliding Door: 4.75" H x 6" W
  • Big Run Container Door Size: 44.25" H x 20.25" W
  • Small Run Container Door Size: 14.5" H x 11.75" W
  • Ramp Size: 7.75" W x 47.25" L
  • Smal Interior Door: 6.25" H x 6.25" W
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs
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MPN D30-237V00GY